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Point of sale solution


Support retail transaction, inventory management, and also generate sales report and convert into comprehensive data & insights.

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Logistics System

Online ordering platform


Few steps to completed the order online, also be able to do batch orders, it’s up to 100 orders at once. Moreover, the system keeps tracking the order status. Make sure everything is doing well.

Admin management


A handy way to manage all the things on one platform. Including order management, assigning tasks, and counting salary.

Driver management


Omit all complicated work with one mobile app. Drivers can scan QR codes to take and confirm the task as well as easy to plan the route by checking the location in the interactive map.


We decorate our society with lovely technologies.

Founded in 2020 by three post-millennials, is a young and passionate social technology company, based in Hong Kong.




Mobile App Development

We specialize in deliver high quality custom mobile app development services, from consulting and project specification to integration, deployment and market release.


Web Development

We provide high quality and performance apps of different natures including e-Procurement, e-Learning, e-Commerce and Self-service portals, etc. we deliver websites that both captivate their visitors and reach high SEO rates.

UX/UI Design

Our design team specialize in making apps easy to follow. We sketch layouts and wireframes while planning how an application will react to the user’s every touch and swipe.



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The Society just like a ship, every one must have the preparation which operates the rubber.

Henrik Ibsen

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